Our solution is intended to analyze and solve possible security flaws a software may have. We integrate security into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
We guarantee software final releases meet the security requirements established in the planning phase of the SDLC by protecting the application functionalities for the end user.

We have solutions that optimize the security of your company


This solution allows us to identify vulnerabilities such as weak configurations in applications through manual and automated tests, which are executed by our security professionals. This way your business will comply with industry regulations.


Automated source code scans: Using open source or commercial tools, we scan the source code of an application in order to identify known vulnerabilities and security flaws. 

Manual source code scans: This solution allows us to identify vulnerabilities and flaws within the following domains:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Session management
  • Logging
  • Data validation
  • Error handling
  • Encryption
Code Scan


Trust IT - Custom Monitoring


As part of our security consulting service we understand the application in terms of the business to identify possible threats and potential risks to protect the business information and goodwill.

Our software solutions work perfectly for any organization that use web applications and mobile applications and it also gives great value to software development businesses.